Shiga Prefecture: Sweet and juicy strawberries to pick and eat in Shiga

There are seven places concentrated in Shiga where you can enjoy 'ichigogari', agricultural leisure, where strawberries are picked and served on site. #PortalJapan See more ⬇️⬇️⤵️⤵️

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&nbspShiga Prefecture: Sweet and juicy strawberries to pick and eat in Shiga
Illustrative image of strawberries picked on site (Pixabay)

Agripark Ryuo is famous for its strawberries in Shiga, as this city alone accounts for 10% of the production of this juicy fruit. 

Visitors from other provinces travel there just to harvest and taste the freshly picked red fruits. 

One of the varieties offered is Akihime, succulent, fleshy, soft and sweet, which is very successful among children, especially small ones. Tap here to discover the most famous varieties .

The place is a road station called michi no eki , or a stop, where you can rest, enjoy the restaurant and cafe, play with the animals and in the park, buy fresh vegetables and pick fruits, including strawberries. 

Ryuo Agripark: 30 minutes from ichigogari

  • Period: until mid-May
  • How much: until April 10 ¥ 2,000 (adults), ¥ 1,700 (primary student) and ¥ 1,500 (under 6 years old). After that date the rates are a little more affordable ( tap here to open the page )
  • To take home the fare is separate
  • Has area for yakiniku
  • Address: located on highway 477, to open the map, touch here
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