Kyoto Day Trip Bus Tour / Departure & Arrival at Nagoya station Kyoto “Higaeri” Travel

Kyoto travel: Jan.11 2021. Affordable day tour with the GoTo travel campaign plus a 2,000 yen coupon to spend on the trip! visit the church, stroll around Kyoto and have a delicious lunch all in one day! click for more info. #PortalJapan

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For more inquiries, please call us! Tel:052-734-8385

Kyoto day trip bus tour.
Kyoto Cathedral Catholic Kawaramachi Church and
A trip around the popular Gion and Kiyomizu Temple.
You can also experience wearing a kimono as an option. (Coupons can be used)


The Go to travel campaign includes transportation and lunch for only 7,280 yen per person!
Now is the only chance to get a great deal on the popular Kyoto tourist spots.

  • Tour travel day
    January 11, 2021(Monday) Holiday
  • Fee
    11,200円  Go to campaign discount price
     7,280 Yen

In addition, it comes with a 2,000 yen coupon that can be used on the day of travel!

For more inquiries, please call us! Tel:052-734-8385
  • Meeting place
    JRNagoya Station Taiko Dori Exit / Charter Bus Terminal 7:30am
  • Itinerary

07:30       Departure from Nagoya station

09:30       First location Cathedral Kyoto Catholic Kawaramachi Church

11:00~16:30  Free time walking around Kiyomizudera, Kiyomizuzaka, Yasakajinja

↓          Lunch: Kiyomizuzaka Baizando

 ※Optional tour
Kimono experience at Kiyomizuzaka.
  Dressing fee: Women 2,980 yen to 4,980 yen, Men 3,980 yen, Children 4,980 yen

17:00    Depart from Kyoto

19:00    Arrive at Nagoya Station

※It may change slightly depending on the convenience of the transportation agency and road conditions.
Minimum number of participants: 25 or more adults

For more inquiries, please call us! Tel:052-734-8385


Business hours/Monday~Friday 9:30~18:00, Saturday 9:30~15:00

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