Aichi: Super Smarphone PROMO at auShop Cainz Mall Gamagori

auShop Cainz Mall Gamagori!! On July 23 to 26!! Galaxy A20 for ¥ 0 in cash for new contracts (no need to have permanent visa)!! Campaign for telephone company exchange and au users!!

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Campaign & Promo at auShop Cainz Mall Gamagori on July 23, 24, 25 and 26 (wednesday to sunday)!
Reservation & Details: 0533-66-0300!!

&nbspAichi: Super Smarphone PROMO at auShop Cainz Mall Gamagori
Call 0533-66-0300!! Map for the store at the bottom of the page!


If you are currently using the 20GB or 30GB plans, you have to know the new DATA Max Plan!!

Make a plan budget !! Your data plan can be even cheaper by switching to this one with unlimited data!!

See the URL below for more details!

A MUST SEE FOR PEOPLE WITHOUT A PERMANENT VISA!! Galaxy A20 for ¥ 1 in cash for new contracts!

If you have a short visa and are having difficulties financing a phone, only during the event period, it will be possible to purchase a Galaxy A20 for ¥ 1 in cash!!

Monthly rate: from ¥ 1,078!!

* The above amount is limited to the “Pitatto Plan 4G LTE (with 1GB usage)”, “LTE NET”, “Kazoku-wari Plus for more than 3 lines” and “U15 Smartphone Start-wari” plans.
* Explanation of payment of ¥ 1 in cash for Galaxy A20: device value (¥22,000) – Exclusive store discount (¥21,999) = device value: ¥1
* Payment terms of ¥1 in cash for Galaxy A20: purchase Galaxy A20 in new lines contract.
* An additional fee of ¥3,300 will be charged.
* There are cases where it will not be possible to use other KDDI promotions.
* If the value of the device is less than the discount, the value of the discount will be equivalent to that of the device.
* Promotion will end as soon as the stock runs out.
* “Galaxy” is a registered trademark by Samsung Electronics Co, .LTD * The above values include taxes. For details, consult the store.

&nbspAichi: Super Smarphone PROMO at auShop Cainz Mall Gamagori

This is the chance to change to au! All devices are ¥ 22,000 off!

Recommended devices: iPhone 11, iPhone SE2, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

Conditions for acquisition

Promotion limited to the first 5 customers with more than 26 months of visa. The promotion will end as soon as the stock runs out.

For more details and information about the promotions, consult the store (TEL: 0533-66-0300)!

TM and (c) 2014 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. The Apple logo and the iPhone are patents registered by Apple Inc. in the US and other countries. The iPhone brand is being used under authorization from iPhone K.K. App Store and App Care are services of Apple Inc.

Device exchange promotion! 5G Campaign!

For customers who use au devices and have 26 or more months of visa!

Did you know that it is possible to exempt the remaining installment amount if you are enrolled in the Upgrade Program?

You may be missing out on the opportunity to switch devices due to the remaining installments! How about switching to a new device at this event?

If you are having trouble with the backup, the store will assist with the procedures! For more details on the Upgrade Program, see the URL below.

Special Service for Foreigners!

Check out the Facebook page!

The store has interpreters to better serve them !! The employees are grateful for the countless calls, however, they ask for everyone’s understanding.

It is necessary to give priority to customers who come and wait for service in stores. And, unfortunately, quotes are not allowed over the phone.

★★★ Please check before you go to the store! ★★★

  1. If you want to transfer to au, request in advance the transfer reservation number at the Softbank or Docomo store so that the procedure is faster and easier.
  2. Confirm the necessary documents for the contract: Zairyu card + valid passport or driver’s license + bank card or passbook + inkan
  3. If you are already an iPhone user, leave your data backed up in iCloud / iTunes in advance!


auShop Cainz Mall Gamagori

Adress: 〒443-0037 Aichi-ken Gamagori-shi Kashima-cho Asai Shinden 1-46
TEL: 0533-66-0300

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