Aichi: iPhone and Android PROMO at auShop Okazaki Minami

auShop Okazaki Minami: RECEIVE up to ¥120,960 transfering to NEW iPhone models!! XPERIA XZ2: SUPER PROMO! March 21 ~ 25 - ENGLISH/FILIPINO SERVICE!!! See the promo!!!!

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auShop Okazaki Minami will hold a promotional event
at March 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25
(5 days)!!!

&nbspAichi: iPhone and Android PROMO at auShop Okazaki Minami
Call Now!! TEL: 0564-57-2931! Acess map at the bottom of the page!

★New iPhone Models: MEGA SALES!!★

Get the NEW iPhone at the best prices!!! Transfer to au (MNP): Get the iPhone XR and receive up to ¥97,200 (discount for a limited time)!!


Receive up to ¥23,670 device value discount by making the shitadori (delivery of the used device for the store) of an iPhone 7 (the value changes depending on the smartphone)!!

Get the new iPhone models with ¥120,960 or more in discounts!!

*: Application for a two-year contract (Daredemowari) is required. It is necessary to join “auPitattoPlan or auFlatPlan 20/30”. It is necessary to join “Kazokuwari”. The “au Smart Value” subscription is also required.

*For details on the benefits mentioned above, please click here. &nbspAichi: iPhone and Android PROMO at auShop Okazaki Minami

★Xperia XZ2/Xperia XZ2 Premium Big Discount★

Receive up to ¥54,000 discount for new smartphone or model changing contract!! It is possible to use jointly with other campaigns! For more details, contact the store.

Terms and conditions!

Conditions: to acquire the campaign models with the “au acquisition support” and to subscribe on the “auPitatto Plan/au Flat Plan” + “2 Years Contract”.
[au Acquisition support] In case of model changing with plan alteration besides the “auPitatto Plan”, “Data Teigaku 1~30” and “LTE Flat”, contract rescission or freeze and device acquisition within 12 months after de contract, it will be charged a cancellation fee of ¥40,000.

[2 Years Contract] The contract will be automatically updated every 2 years. In case of cancellation within this period, it will be charged a cancellation fee of ¥9,500. *In case of model changing, it is necessary that the new models registered by KDDI have more than 6 months of use. *In case of the model price is cheaper than the discount value, the discount limit will be the model price. *There are cases where the following discounts can’t be used with other KDDI’s discounts: [Monthly Discount], [First Smartphone Discount], [3G Smartphone Model Changing Program], [Android MNP au Acquisition Support], etc. *The “auPitatto Plan” inscription is a set with “LTE NET” inscription. *See other contracts fees with the store staff. *Depending on the season, some conditions, discounts and other promotions can be modified or even finished.

★New campaign from au★

The au student discount (gakuwari) have started!!

People under 25 years old can have 5GB Internet on the smartphone from ¥980!!

Don’t miss this opportunity and get your new smartphone!! ¥10.000 Cashback for new smartphone contract!!

[Student discount (gakuwari)] Available for customers under 25 years old who are registered as users. *If you complete the conditions of [Student Discount] and [flip cellphones → smartphone discount] / [Kakeho 60 Discount], the application of [flip cellphones → smartphone discount] / [Discount Kakeho 60] will be prioritized. *It will be deducted from the total value of the basic tariff of use, national communication tariff and option value (there are exceptions) after the application of the discount services.

[Student discount / Smartphones Support Discount] It will be necessary to purchase the device, excluding the exchange of flip cellphones (recent models registered by KDDI) registered in the tariff plans for 3G. *Contractual expenses will be charged separately for contracts such as device value, connection and communication fee, option fee and universal service tariff.

Special Assistance for Foreigners!

English and Tagalog Specialized interpreter staff awaits your visit.
Visit the store during the 2-day promotional event.


★auShop Okazaki Minami★

Address: 〒444-0853 Aichi-ken Okazaki-shi Misaki-cho 1-23
TEL: 0564-57-2931
Business hours: Weekends/Holidays – 10am to 8pm   Weekdays – 10am to 7pm Facebook: (Like the page! The auShop awaits your visit!)

Access Map:

*All values on this page are without taxes, except for those with detailed information.

&nbspAichi: iPhone and Android PROMO at auShop Okazaki Minami &nbspAichi: iPhone and Android PROMO at auShop Okazaki Minami

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